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Epoxy Coating for Concrete Floors :  


SikafloorHS High Solids Epoxy Coating for Concrete Floors




It is a high solids, heavy duty protective and decorative epoxy resin coating with excellent sag resistance.




It is used on surfaces where cleanliness and hygiene are important in places such as:

Production and storage areas.

Car parks and garages.

Underground car parks.

Food preparation industry.

Factories and manufacturing plants.

Warehouse and storage facilities.

Dairy manufacturing and processing plants.

Application on variable surfaces.




Protective and decorative.

Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray.

Long pot life.

User friendly 1:1 by volume mixing ratio.

Good chemical resistance.

Excellent durability.

Wide range of colours.

Anti skid textured finish.

Good abrasion resistance.

Good sag resistance.


Storage & Shelf Life


SikafloorHS stored in the original unopened containers within the temperature range of +5 C to +35 C will keep for at least three (3) years.


Instructions for Use


Surface Preparation The substrate must be sound, dry, (maximum moisture content 4%) free from dust and any surface contaminants (eg: oil, grease, fats, chemicals, rust, paint, form release and curing membrane residues, etc.)

Blow holes or irregularities should be filled and the substrate levelled with appropriate Sikafloor or Sikadur mortars prior to application of SikafloorHS. Cement based substrates (other than EpoCem) should be at least 3-4 weeks old and should be checked to ensure the moisture content is below 4% before placement of SikafloorHS. Where the substrates have a moisture content above 4% they should be sealed with a 2mm thick coating of Sikafloor-81 EpoCem. This will allow the application of SikafloorHS to proceed on damp or new concrete surfaces. Steel substrates should be prepared by abrasive blast cleaning to a standard equivalent to S.A.2.5.
Mixing Initially, thoroughly stir the component A (resin) and add the pigment pack. Mix in all of the hardener (Component B) thoroughly with a low speed drill or windmill stirrer. Mix so as not to entrap air into the product and continue mixing for at least 3-5 minutes. Only mix the material that can be used within the pot life.




It can be applied using a brush or a roller. Application of the first coat (and possibly the second coat) should be carried out when the substrate temperature is falling to avoid the possibility of bubbling and to improve penetration into the substrate pores. The first coat may be diluted with Thinner 15 to a maximum of 10% by volume to ensure maximum penetration if the substrate is very dense. The first coat will be touch dry (approx. 5-6 hours @ 15C). Additional undiluted coats may be applied.




Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with Sika Colma Cleaner or Thinner 15. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.


Technical and Physical Data

Part A: unpigmented thixotropic liquid

Part B: beige thixotropic liquid

Density: Mixed 1.48 kg/litre approx.

Consumption Coverage: 5-7 m2/litre/coat to give 150 microns dry film thickness

Intercoat Period: Min. 16 hours at 25 C. Max. 36 hours at 25 C

Solids Content: 85% approx. by volume

Number of Coats: 2 normally recommended

Potlife: 4 hours at 15 C, 2 hours at 25 C

Maximum Relative Humidity: 85% during cure

Application Temperature: +10 C Minimum +35 C Maximum

Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by volume (Part A + pigment pack : Part B)

Film Thickness per coat: 150 microns/coat (minimum 2 coats recommended)

Cure Time: 7 days at 25 C

Walk Over Time: 48 hours (light traffic)



Part A (Unpigmented)

Part B (Hardener)

Pigment pack (1.15 kg)


2.9 litres

3.6 litres

0.7 litres

7.2 litres

5.8 litres

7.2 litres

1.4 litres

14.4 litres


Pigments available in the following standard colours:

(see colour selection guide).

Beige RAL1001, Light Grey RAL7035, Dusty Grey RAL7037, Oxide Red RAL3009, Koala Grey N45, for other RAL colours consult our Technical department.

Important Notes      

Always ensure good ventilation when using SikafloorHS in a confined space since evaporation of solvents, although not dangerously toxic, may cause coughing or general irritation.

It is flammable. NO NAKED FLAMES.

Silica aggregates can be sprinkled on to SikafloorHS to form a non-slip surface. Details of this application are available from our Technical Department.

Freshly applied coatings should be protected from damp, condensation and water for at least 7 days at 20 C.


Important Notes (continued)         

The substrate temperature must be above 10 C for curing and should be at least 3 C above the dew point.

Not to be applied to moist substrates (max. 4% moisture content) unless previously treated with EpoCem.

It is essential that the indicated potlife limits are strictly observed. Do not use after 6 hours even if the mix is still liquid.

As is common with most epoxy coatings, SikafloorHS will yellow and then chalk on exposure to UV radiation (sunlight). For outside application it is recommended to over coat with SikafloorPU coating.

Thinner 15 is only to be added to the product after mixing Parts A and B.


Handling Precautions

Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and avoid breathing it's vapour.

Wear protective gloves when mixing or using this product.

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre.

If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.

Provide adequate ventilation when using this product.

If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly.

If in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with warm water and seek medical attention without delay.



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