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Water based epoxy coating:

Epocote F100W is a two-pack, water based epoxy coating that cures to a tough, fully bonded, chemically resistant and waterproof protective barrier.  

Epocote F100W is suitable for floors, walls, pipes, sumps, pits, tanks, troughs, spoon drains and equipment.  

It may be used as a waterproofing barrier on the negative side of retaining walls, lift pits, basements or tunnels to prevent ingress of external moisture.  

Chemind Epocote F100W is an excellent medium for the treatment of "rising damp" to floors and walls, before installation of floor coverings.  

It is used as a primer-sealer for liquid waterproofing membranes subject to water immersion or to high levels of differential vapour pressure. Applications include ponds, tanks, water features and  

exposed roofing, decks or car parks.  

It can be applied to most prepared surfaces encountered in construction.  

Epocote F100W may be used as an economical, medium service roll-on flooring system, with or without an antislip finish on plant or compactor room floors, workshops, wash down bays, wet  

process areas and factory floors.  

Where a high level of abrasion or chemical resistance is required, such as industrial floors or food processing areas, the use of Chemfloor 200 is recommended.  

- Water clean up  
- No VOC and no odour  
- Simple and economical application  
- Easy 1 : 1 by volume mixing ratio  
- Total surface adhesion and seam free  
- Resists acids, alkalis and salt water  
- Bonds to damp or green concrete  
Typical Properties  
Grey, white or clear  
Mix Ratio (by Volume)  
Part A : Part B      1 : 1  
Solids Content  
35 to 52%  
Pot Life  
40 minutes @ 20C  
Hydrostatic Head Resistance  
280 kPa @ 40 m head pressure  
Surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, dust, loose matter, oil, grease, wax, old coatings, curing compounds, release agents, laitance or other contaminants. All surface defects shall be made good with Chemind Chembond modified mortar or sand filled Epocote F100W. Concrete should be smooth and brick joints flush. Smooth dense concrete may require etching with dilute hydrochloric or phosphoric acid to give adequate adhesion. Ensure that acid treated floors are flushed well with clean water. The Epocote F100W may be applied to the damp surface immediately after treatment.  
Thoroughly mix equal volumes of Part A and Part B together, allow to stand for 5 minutes then re-mix.  
Mix small amounts that can be used within 20 - 30 minutes of mixing.  
Apply full brush coat of mixed Epocote F100W to internal and external corners, around penetrations and surface cracks.  
Embed Chemind Fibreglass Reinforcing Mat in corners for increased strength.  
Apply by brush or roller to all vertical surfaces, then to all horizontal surfaces in two or three applications.  
Allow to dry fully between coats.  
About 6 to 7 m2/litre depending on porosity and texture of the substrate.  
Any material that has started to gel must be discarded.  
Epocote F100 W is not suitable for UV exposure. It will discolour with time.  
Care should be taken when applying Epocote F100W over internal clay brick walls with damp penetration. Moisture trapped within the brickwork may cause significant deterioration of structure.  
To promote adhesion on dense surfaces or to reduce the absorption on porous substrates such as FC or plaster board, dilute first coat of mixed Epocote F100W with 5 - 10% water.  
If a non-slip surface is required, either mix or hand broadcast clean fine sand into the first body coat. The addition of sand will slightly slow curing process.  
Over painting with emulsion paints must be done after 4 hours and within 24 hours of application. Otherwise abrasive sanding of surface is required to provide a suitable key.  
Use adhesives suitable for non-porous surfaces and apply after 24 hours.  
Chemical and abrasion resistance is achieved after 7 days curing.  
Epocote F100W is supplied in 4 litre and 20 litre pre-proportioned sets.  
Shelf Life
Unopened containers of Epocote F100W will have a minimum shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture, when stored in a dry, cool place.  
Water will remove most uncured Epocote F100W and Chemind GP Solvent may assist with removal of any gelled product. Exercise care when using solvents. Please review all MSDS before use.  
Handling and Toxicity
General precautions should be taken to avoid skin contact. Use of barrier cream and disposable polyethylene or rubber or polyethylene is recommended. Should skin contact occur, wash the affected area with soap and water. All operatives should be made fully aware of Epocote F100W MSDS information.  



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